Boost your confidence in speaking Japanese

The only online school that combines both a well-designed curriculum and an environment where you can speak in Japanese


10 common difficulties in learning Japanese




Why you can´t improve your Japanese

No Environment

There is no chance to speak Japanese

No Plan & No Curriculum

study without a plan or direction

No Support

There is no one nearby to ask questions


3 benefits to learn with us

Designed Curriculum​

Private lessons follow a well-designed curriculum to ensure that you will be able to step up to the next level

You can learn outside of class

You can take extra short lessons outside of class where you can learn things outside of the curriculum, and we also have a wide variety of self-study contents using E-learnig

Practice Real Conversation

You can have opportunities to speak Japanese with Japanese people on weekdays, weekends, and even during your free time

The value we deliver to our customers


Private lessons according to the curriculum


Support outside of class with E-learning / Extra lesson


Space to practice conversation with actual Japanese people


Flexible timetable and teaching style


Easy-to-understand, visually-intensive course materials


Virtual school for teachers and students to interact with each other

Customers reviews

What people say

At this school, I can contact a staff member at any time via chat, schedule extra private lessons, and meet with many different people from Japan. The staff have been incredibly friendly, professional, and are always so helpful. Since starting at this school my Japanese fluency and confidence have significantly improved.


The classes are really of good value because there are off classes supports for you to ask questions whenever you have any.  I studied at this school for 7 months and then I managed to pass my JLPT N1 this time!
So much thanks to all the kind staff that support me through this process!


I have been self-studying Japanese for many years and felt like I made very slow progress. Despite travelling to Japan multiple times for business and pleasure, I could still see there was many issues with my grammar and many things I did not understand. Ohanasi Japanese Language School has helped me to resolve those issues and gain confidence in my speaking ability. The teachers are friendly and fun and give you lots of opportunities to challenge yourself. Learning with Ohanasi has inspired me to apply for JLPT N4 test. I am confident I can pass it with their help.


I love studying Japanese with my Ohanasi teacher. It is a precious opportunity to work with native Japanese speakers who have a considered and measured approach to learning verb transformations, adjective forms and essential vocabulary. My teacher is patient, kind and understanding.
Japanese takes effort and time to learn and Ohanasi Japanese Language School exposes me to listening,
speaking, and applying language form to the vocabulary that I build throughout the course.
I appreciate having the option of scheduling self-study with the teacher so that I can review, ask questions about specific Japanese words or forms, or ask about Japanese culture or food!
In addition to a Language School, there is also Ohanasi Cafe, which gives me a chance to talk with native language speakers who are learning English and understand how hard it is to learn a language. It takes time and patience to make progress and Ohanasi Japanese Language School has given me confidence, understanding and hope that I will be able to speak with natives as long as I am diligent in my study and continue.


I realized that I could not communicate in Japanese at all when I see Japanese people in front of me and I felt that I needed a class.  My teacher is very positive and patient and teaches me until I fully understand.
I like the flexible style of the class, which allows me to do what I want to do, such as practicing reading books with my teacher outside of class as well as the regular private lessons.


I used to learn Japanese at another online school, but there was no curriculum and plan there, and I always dislike being asked by teacher what I wanted to do today.
I find Ohanasi Japanese Language School attractive because it has a structured curriculum and plan that covers the JLPT.



About our students

Rate of Lessons

2021.07.21 – 2022.06.24

Student's Nationality

Student Japanese Level


3 steps to improve Japanese with confidence

In order to develop confidence in Japanese, let’s take a step forward in signing up for Ohanasi Japanese Language School

1. Book a trial lesson

Find the best date and time for your trial lesson. You can easily book the trial lesson through our website.

2. Take a trial lesson

You will have a trial lesson with one of our instructors. There, you will experience the actual class and see if you want to continue with it.

3. Start a lesson

You will set up a curriculum and plan with the counselor. After that, you will also confirm your schedule with the instructor and start taking the course.

Most frequent questions and answers


Schools offering Japanese language lessons range from low to high in price. Some of the platforms that only match freelance Japanese language instructors with students set the price low, while others set the price high. However, in many cases there is no clear course plan or curriculum, and it is left up to the individual teacher. Therefore, Japanese language instructors themselves often ask students what they want to do each time and proceed without a plan. Besides, the quality of the instructors and their teaching methods vary widely. In our school, all teachers use the same designed curriculum and teaching materials and follow the curriculum. Therefore, we are able to provide high quality lessons to every student without any differences in teaching methods from one teacher to another. The same curriculum and teaching materials can also be carried over in the event of a teacher change. Therefore, you will feel that the value of our services is more than the price of our services.

At our school, Japanese is taught by teachers who have completed our training. Therefore, our teachers have mastered our Japanese language teaching methods and understand the curriculum. Teachers are assigned to you and we will find a teacher who is a good match for you in the first few lessons. Even after a teacher is assigned to you, you can change teachers at any time if you want.

he reason we fix days and times is that we want our students to get into the habit of studying Japanese. By coming to the school on a certain day and time every week and studying with the teacher, studying Japanese becomes a part of your daily routine. However, if you are unable to attend a class because of an emergency, you can reschedule as many times as you wish by contacting the school or the teacher 3 hours in advance. Even if your teacher is not available, you can request an alternative teacher to teach your class, and the class will follow the same curriculum.

 As for payment, we use a subscription form of payment, which is deducted from your credit card on the first day of each month. We have our own membership page where you can make payments. You can also change your course or stop your subscription at any time from our membership page.

Yes, you can start from zero knowledge on Japanese. Many of our teachers can speak English to some extent. So you can start with lessons mainly in English and increase the percentage of Japanese explanations in class as you become more proficient in Japanese. Also, many of our staff members speak English, so there is no problem if you ask questions in English.
No, our school does not offer any JLPT-specific courses. Our school offers a curriculum and instruction specifically designed to help students become confident speakers of Japanese. However, our curriculum is designed for the basic JLPT as well, and you will learn the grammar and sentence patterns that will be given on the JLPT. If you have any requests for JLPT materials, we can provide support for JLPT preparation from a teacher other than your instructor by using short extra lessons that you can take outside of class.
Ohanasi Kagawa is an online event that we run. It is held on weekends, where you can have a 1-on-1 conversation with a real Japanese person. Ohanasi Café is another service we run that allows you to have 1-on-1 conversations with Japanese people on weekdays and in your spare time.
First, take our trial lesson. The teacher in charge will explain more about the school, give you an actual lesson, and discuss with you the right course for you. If you think it is a good fit for you, please consider enrolling in the school.

Chairman's Message

We want to create an environment that can support those who are studying Japanese with enthusiasm.

The Ohanasi Japanese Language School as it is today was born out of the many supportive experiences I received at my university in the United States.

I studied at a university in the U.S. with very little English and could not keep up with the classes at all, and many times I felt like I was going to fail.  
However, the people who supported me at those times were the Tutors, the teachers in the Writing Center, and the professors who helped me during office hours.

Having people who were kind enough to help me when I didn’t understand something gave me great emotional support, and I was able to achieve my goals without falling behind.

I always try to be close to my students so that I can create a school that is the world’s most supportive and can support those who are trying their best to study Japanese.

Ohanasi Japanese Language School

Choose your plan

Lesson Only

4 lessons per month
14,000 JPY 3,500 JPY / per class
  • 4 lessons monthly: 14,000JPY inc. tax
  • 8 lessons monthly: 28,000JPY inc. tax
  • 12 lessons monthly: 42,000JPY inc. tax
  • 1 on 1 Private Lesson (50 minutes)
  • Progress Management
  • Ohanasi Kagawa

Lesson Plus Support

4 lessons per month
18,800 JPY 4,700JPY class
  • 4 lessons monthly: 18,800JPY inc. tax
  • 8 lessons monthly: 37,600JPY inc. tax
  • 12 lessons monthly: 56,400JPY inc. tax
  • 1 on 1 Private Lesson (50 minutes)
  • Progress Management
  • All Option Service
  • Ohanasi Kagawa


4 lessons per month
14,000+α JPY 3,500 JPY + α / per class
  • 4 lessons monthly: 14,000+αJPY inc. tax
  • 8 lessons monthly:28,000+αJPY inc. tax
  • 12 lessons monthly:42,000+αJPYinc. tax
  • 1 on 1 Private Lesson (50 minutes)
  • Progress Management
  • Choose optional Service
  • Ohanasi Kagawa

Option Service


1,200 JPY Including tax
  • Quiz, Q&A

Ohanasi Cafe

0 JPY Including tax
  • Place to talk with Japanese people

Self-Study Room

1,200 JPY 1 ticket / Including tax
  • Extra short lesson 25 minutes
  • 2 times a month: 2,400JPY inc. tax
  • 4 times a month: 4,800JPY inc. tax
  • 8 times a month: 9,600JPY inc. tax
  • 12 times a month: 14,400JPY inc. tax

~ Special Offer ~

※Now offering a 5,000 JPY discount for the first month
for those who book a school enrollment orientation within 3 days of the end of the trial lesson!

~ Referral Program ~

※We are currently holding a Referral Program!
If your referred friend or acquaintance signs up, you and
 your referred friend will receive a 2000 JPY discount or cash back as a referral bonus!